Metaphysics. Chirality as the Basic Principle of Physics

by Hans Wehrli (2021)

Why are the natural laws the way they are? They are as they must be for perception to be possible. A strategy is developed and philosophically explained that allows - due to six paradigm shifts - to unify relativity with quantum theory and to describe the natural constants, the four physical interactions, all elementary particles, the instantaneous non-local (inter)actions and the Big Bang under a uniform procedure. The theory does without empirically not perceivable terms such as infinity, space and time per se. The axiom A = A is replaced by an axiom of chirality which is the basic requisite for order, be it of time, space, counting or transcendental thinking. The entities time, space, substance (energy or information) and interaction are replaced by the only empirically countable entity event. Metaphysical aspects of chirality theory such as the limits of language, knowledge, truth and measurement, the dualism of body and soul, and the definitions of life and God are discussed.

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